C.S. Lewis by Joel Heck

C.S. lewis

Clive Staples Lewis was born on November 29, 1898, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the younger brother of Warren Hamilton Lewis. Their father, Albert Lewis, was a successful lawyer in Belfast. His wife, Flora Hamilton, whom he had married on August 29, 1894, was the daughter of the vicar of St. Mark’s Church, Dundela, a church in Belfast, Northern Ireland. While starting from a humble beginning, Lewis became known as a writer, speaker, radio broadcaster, apologist, and educator, and his books have sold more than two hundred and fifty million copies to this day. 

Praise for Chronologically Lewis

Diana Pavlac Glyer,
Azusa Pacific University
"Chronologically Lewis is the single most important resource in Lewis scholarship. I not only have it bookmarked; I usually have that tab open."
Dr. Jerry Root, Wheaton College
"Chronologically Lewis is one of the best sources for fact checking dates and events in the life of C. S. Lewis. Joel Heck has provided the world of Lewis scholarship and enthusiasts a valuable resource."

Charlie W. Starr,
author of Light: C. S. Lewis's First and Final Short Story
"Chronologically Lewis is the first search engine I go to anytime I need a Lewis question answered. As a resource for Lewis scholarship it's that important; it's that good." 
David C. Downing,
Co-Director of the Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton, Illinois
"Recently a fellow Lewis scholar and I were wondering aloud which Tolstoy books Lewis read and when he read them. Where to look for answers? 'Chronologically Lewis,' of course! This is an indispensable reference work for students of Lewis, as it is impressively thorough and highly reliable—covering all of Lewis’s life, not just his period of fame and distinction. 'Chronologically Lewis' is also fun just to browse, as it gives a sense of what Lewis’s daily life was like, providing a glimpse into the rich texture of his life, both on landmark days and ordinary ones."
Dr. Adam Barkman,
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Redeemer University College (Canada) 
"Heck has given Lewis scholars an incalculable gift with 'Chronologically Lewis.' What was once a 100,000 piece puzzle of trying to piece together the details of C. S. Lewis's life story is now a much more manageable 1,000 piece puzzle. It's really a brilliant aid." 

Joel Heck

Dr. Joel Heck, Interim President of Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton, Alberta, is the author or editor of sixteen books, five of them on C. S. Lewis, and 42 articles on Lewis. He and his wife Cheryl have a home in Austin, but currently live in Edmonton.

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